Monday, April 7, 2008

Who does he look like?


You know how as a parent it is hard to tell who your kids look like? With Adyson everyone said, I think mostly cuz of the red hair that she looked like Eric, but with my eyes. Max, however, we get all different answers, some say Eric, some say my dad, some my brothers. I grew up in a relatively small town not as small as the town Eric grew up in. But, I had 50 first cousins (well, still do) and at any given time I have about 10-12 cousins at my school, Jr High, High School. So, people would always say "you look like a Smoot" I saw no "similar look" to us but people say we all kind of looked alike. So I am wondering what look MAx has? As, outsider of our little family, can you tell?? Does Max looks like any of us??

Max's 1 year photos were taken by Gallery Photography.

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