Saturday, April 26, 2008

Where is our Spring??

This video clip was from the little barnyard animals fair we went to today at Thanksgiving Point. The kids DID enjoy the pony ride but "Oh my gosh, it was freakin' cold!!" We are feeling a little jipped this Spring. We spent the chillier months trying to be in St George as much as possible, but it is almost MAY!! And we were so cold we could hardly even stay long enough to wait through the pony line. And we have been trying to be positive and do fun "spring " stuff but it's just not the same in this weather. Last week we even went to the "Tulip Festival" at Thanksgiving Point also. And like none of the Tulips had bloomed since it has been so cold. We totally got ripped off. $10 bucks a person to see some pre-bloomed buds. I try and keep this blog upbeat and positive but I have not much good to say about the Spring Festivites and weather so far. We are NOT impressed.
(Photos from The Barnyard Animals Fair today and the Tulip Festival last Saturday.)

Also the kids and I are leaving on Monday morning bright and early for Ohio to see the Kandell Grandparents. Sue (my mother in law) has been saying how beautiful their Spring has been so green and in the 70's, and she said the day we arrive in is dropping down to the 50' maybe it is us??? We are being punished for trying to escape the cold these past couple months. It is finally catching up with us. Oh well. Ohio is kid paradise, especially Sue's beautiful yard so I am sure we will have tons of fun!

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