Sunday, March 9, 2008

Our Birthday Boys....

Last night we went to our little nephew and cousin Zach Lovell's birthday party. He and Max were due 2 weeks apart, and it is crazy for me to think it was an entire year ago that I will still pregnant with Max, we were actually down in Phoenix for a golf weekend when Lisa called us to say her water broke 4 weeks early and she was going to have Zach, we hopped on the plane home and got to the hospital as soon as she was a 10 and we were there for the birth of little Zach, I seems like a lot less time than a year has gone by though. Anyway, when I was posting these pictures on his birthday I realized I never posted about a couple of other boys in our lives who have just had birthday so I made this our "BIRTHDAY BOYS" post! We love all your little dudes!
Birthday Boy #1 Zachary Lovell


P.S. Did you see how much Birthday boy Zach loved being held by his Aunt Hay?
He was like "ahh- get this chick away from me!"

Birthday Boy #2 Cousin Easton Lovell

Cousin Easton had an awesome Spiderman birthday, with cool Spiderman games and super yummy homemade red velvet cupcakes, nice job Aunt Lisa!!

Birthday Boy #3 - Sammy Hardy.
Sammy is one of Ady's best buddies and his mom Haley is one of my best buddies.

Here is The Birthday boy at his Dinosaur themed party. So fun!

The next little birthday boy will be our Macky Max, he is turning one on the 31st! His mom is sad....he is getting old so fast.

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