Sunday, March 16, 2008

Max at a year old...almost

Max will be turning one in another 2 weeks, so I thought I would more my own records and for something to look back at, write down what Macky likes and does at a year old.
Eating bananas, mandarin oranges, cereal, rice, beans, waffles, cheesey eggs, treats and anything we are eating pretty much. He is the BEST little eater!
Crawling around on his hands and feet, he is not a knee crawler
Playing with his sister
Juice in a sippy
Taking naps, but only in a bed, no carseat sleep for this kid, too picky.
Being thrown around by daddy
BATHTIME or shower time, any water for that matter.
His baba-sita (as we call his bottle)
Climbing under things (tables, chairs, people)
Going into the pantry and pulling things off the shelves, and opening cupboard and doing the same
When mommy sings to him
Being naked

Sitting in his highchair when we are all sitting at the table or in the family room
His carseat when he is sleepy
He actually dislikes be ANYWHERE but his bed when he is sleepy
Getting in nose wiped or his teeth brushed or his diaper changed
When Ady tries to spoon feed him
Sitting in Sunday School
And when mom tries to cuddle him when he is being a busy adventurous 1 year old

Crawl up and down the stairs
Feed himself, (with a spoon sometimes but its messy)
Walk along furniture
Pull himself up to standing with no help from us or furniture just stand right up
Stand and keep balanced for minutes at a time but no steps yet!
Say MAMA, DADA, BABA, MO (more) and BUh BUH (bye bye)
Dance (he even has rhythmn, thanks to mommy)
Give kisses, he opens his mounth leans forward and says "mmmmmah!"
We cannot believe little baby Max, as we call him at our house is going to be 1, time flies.

Photos taken by Kelly Sansom of Gallery Photography

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