Friday, March 14, 2008

Disney On Ice - Princess Wishes

Last night the much anticipated Disney on Ice came to the Energy Solutions Arena, all of Ady's favorite princesses were their singing all her favorite tunes. Ady dressed up as Tinkerbelle and was talking about it all day... The show was actually the best Disney on Ice on I have been to. They had fireworks and Sleeping Beauty's dragon lit the ice on fire. It was quite the show. Ariel, Tinkerbelle, Cinderella, Belle, Aurora even Mulan and Snow White. The place was filled with excited little girls dressed as princesses. It was a really fun night. Eric and I were watching Ady more than the show she was singing and cheering and clapping non stop.

This is the cute Waller family we went with, Aaron and AShley and their girls Brea and Ava. We always hit the Disney shows with these guys!

Ady showing off her Tinkerbelle wing span.

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