Monday, February 11, 2008

Today In Maui....

Today we took a 4 hour Voyage on the Kai Kanani, it's a big katamaran that takes out groups to do snorkeling. It was a lot of fun. Originally we were going to use the babysitting service at the hotel but then we heard kids can go out on the snorkel tour so we brought Ady along. We left at 9 am and went out to Molokini and snorkeled the beautiful reefs and saw all the other colored fish, then we did some whale watching (there were tons of whales jumping right out of the water) and then we headed back towards the Wialea shore for more snorkeling with a colony of sea turtles, they were HUGE!!!
Me and Adyson on the hammack suspended over the water aboard the Kai Kanani

Eric and Ady wrestling on the hammack
This is their kids version of snorkeling, Ady sits on this little boat that has a little window in the bottom she can through down into the water to see fish, and she can have one of us hold on and kick her around, this way only her legs are in the water, everyone there could believe for a 2 year old how brave she was, she was nervous at first then started to like looking for fish and Daddy swimming under her.
Ady getting a good look at the reef
We walked down these steps of the boat right into the deep blue, it was about 50-80 feet deep where we snorkeled, but the visibility was perfect

Eric and Ady enjoying a perfect day of sailing and whale watching.

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