Sunday, February 3, 2008

Diamond in the Rough...

Usually one weekend night we brave the crowds and take the kids out to dinner. Usually the wait it what is bad not the kids, so this past Friday we decided to explore our new town and look for somewhere new to eat. Well, everything looked so crowded so we just kept driving all the way to Orem (like 15 mins away) and we saw this little Mexican Dive on state street and decided to give it a try. When we went in I almost told Eric I wanted to go because none of the menu was in English and it actually looked like little dive you would find in Mexico, but usually those are the best places to eat so we stayed. We ordered and sat down and the waitress comes to our table with a huge morter and pestle made out of volcanic rock (shown in above picture) and with salsa, avocados, salt and pepper, seasonings and made us fresh guacamole at our table with the ingredients we chose. It was so good. And so was the rest of the food, it was much more authentic than most of the other Mexican restaurants in the area. We totally loved it. WE totally recommend it, except I cant remember what it is called, but I believe it was "El Gallo Giro" ..... I think.

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