Sunday, February 10, 2008

Maui Trip - First days

We have been having an unbelieveable time in Maui. We do really miss our little brother and sweet baby Max. This is our first time leaving Max overnight but we know he is happy and well taken care of by Grandma Smoot and Lauren and Keven Burns. We deciede to leave Max home so we coulod take full advantage of our days without having to have baby naps every 2 hours.
We have been staying at the BEAUTIFUL Four Seasons in Maui (Wailea). It is fabulous, not only beautiful and luxurious but very family friendly. Usually at nice hotels you feel shunned for having kids but not here. They completely cater to children and do everything to make things easier on you with kids. Even their fabulous 4 star restaurants are welcoming to kids. It's really the best of all worlds.
So far we have had pool and beach time. Lounging under the cabanas by the pool, the spa, yummy food, a Luau (that ady even danced on stage at)It has been so relaxing and so fun. We cant think of one thing to complain about, even Eric has been totally relaxed here. I am totally sad the trip is already half over, but I will be DYING to see Max by Wednesday.

Oh and by the way Kathryn McFee from American Idol was in the elevator with me, Eric and Adyson yesterday and Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo are also here at the hotel.

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