Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back to School 2013

Look at those smiles!

Monday the 26th of August was back to school for Adyson and Max and a first day of school for little Lucy.  We had a wonderful summer, but truth be told Mom (Hailey) was counting down the days until the kids were back to "schedules, routines and some order!"  Well here we are back in full swing.  This year Adyson is a second grader, Max enters first grade and Lucy goes to half day pre-school for 3 days a week.
So proud of the kids and their excitement for school

Adyson is 8 yrs old and is getting baptized this Saturday.  We are so happy that she has made the choice to do this and cannot wait.  The Kandell Grandparents flew into town to join us and all the Smoot Grandparents and Great Grandma Smoot are all coming to support her too.  She was so excited for her first day of school. The best thing about the first day according to her was that she gets to do homework this year on a computer.  She was a bit bummed that her friend Emmy was not in her class but she does get to see her at lunch and recess.  Oh, she also said the PE is the best part of school!  I am just glad they still have PE.

Max is 6 and still a ball full of craziness.  We sure love this guy but two days in and I think he may already be "marked" as someone to keep your eyes on as far as the teachers are concerned.  We shall see.  There is a special place in my heart for a son like that.  I think I was always watched just a little closer shall we say.  Max has excelled in school and I cannot wait to see how much he learns this year!  When he gets older he may not like that I posted this on the blog, but I will share it anyway as a great memory.  Max just barely or should I say I just barely found or made the time (my guilt set in) to help Max learn to ride his bike!  Ya I know, sad right, well he is great at swimming, has picked up tennis very easily and we even started golfing this year, but he had not been given the support needed to ride a bike.  Well I had promised my mom, Grandma Sue he would have it down the next time she came out here so Tues night I made the time and within 15 mins he was impressing me!  Now this is all he wants to do.  Good job max.

Lucy could not have looked any cuter on her first day of school.  She wanted nothing more than to put on her uniform and be like Ady and Max.  I cannot wait to sneak over to her school one day and watch from the two way mirror and just see how she interacts with all the other kids.  There is no doubt Lucy will be a great addition to the class.  I too cannot wait to see how she goes about learning this year.  Very exciting.
FHE at the Dames!

On Mondays we have Family Home Evening (FHE) which I think I have mentioned in older posts and this past Monday we went over to our friend's house the Dames and had a blast riding around on their golf carts, eating ice cream and we even found this tarantula while on a back country golf ride.

a real live tarantula we found

  It was sure a fun night that Hailey and Shellie planned.  Thanks ladies.

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