Monday, August 5, 2013

Utah is very beautiful

Tibble fork reservoir

Yesterday for something to do after church I took the kids up American Fork canyon to drive around and just figured we would see what we would see, cool plan hu?  That is how dads do it!  I do not need to have a set in stone plan, rather just get me out of the house and lets see what occurs.

So we drove up the canyon and we pulled off at a turn out next to the gushing river (more like a fast stream this time of the year) and the kids had a blast.  I love seeing how they can just invent stuff to do.  Here is a list of "stuff" they started doing within minutes.
Ady and Lucy playing in the river

  1. skipping stones
  2. who could make the biggest splash with rocks
  3. throwing leaves (little boats I think) into the water and watching them go as far as the eye could see
  4. looking for crayfish.  I told them I did not think they could live in such cold water.  Who knows?
We then jumped back in the car and headed further up the mountain to a place called tibble fork reservoir and it was the most beautiful site!  Here is a link to google images.

There were people roasting hot dogs, fishing, swimming, relaxing and just enjoying the wonderful views.  The kids wanted to get wet but I did not want them destroyed so we walked over to the stream that was filling the reservoir and they walked around finding shiny and smooth rocks and making a rock store and were "selling" rocks to each other.  I never saw any real funds exchanged but I did see smiles and fun.
collecting shiny and smooth rocks

I was talking to a co worker who goes up there all the time and he said a 45 min 4 wheeler ride takes you to a place called Salamander Lake, and that his kids caught tons of salamanders.   My kids would have a hay day up there catching all those things.  I think I am going to have to plan this sometime very soon!

Anyway, I thought to myself yesterday that too often I am just happy to sit at home and not get out.  I had truly forgotten how awesome the outdoors around here are.  You end up taking it for granted when you look outside any given day and see snow capped mountains.  I am going to try to really enjoy the outdoors with friends and family this fall!

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