Monday, August 19, 2013

Redhead Event 2013

Ady and I attended the Redhead Event in Portland and at this point we think we made the Guinness Records Book

So on Friday this past week both Ady and I traveled to Portland, OR to try and get into the Guinness Book or World Records.  We were part of the Redhead Event 2013, which was trying to gather the most natural born red heads (currently known as gingers) in one roped off area all at the same time.

To be honest, the record attempt was really just an excuse to take Adyson away for a special weekend and create some good memories.  I did not realize until I was in Portland just how special a weekend or even just a night really, away with just one child could have such a positive impact.  We were really able to bond and have lots of fun.  She thought it was awesome that I gave her a key to the room and she was the one that insisted on opening the door every time.  Each time we left the room she made sure I knew she had the key in case we needed to come back and get in!

So on Friday night after we checked into the room, we got on a bike taxi and headed out to eat some Street food.  We were dropped off by a large parking lot of really nasty but tasty food carts and trucks and we first got some Mexican food.  While eating, Ady pointed out a man that was eating food out of the trash can so I explained why and asked her if she wanted to give the rest of her food to him and we did.  We talked about how good it made her feel.  It was cool because the guy was very grateful that it was still warm and waved to us later when we saw him again.  Ady smiled when she got that wave later.  We also tried some Korean BBQ that was very tasty too.
Ady enjoying some Mexican taquitos on the street.  Portland Redhead Event 2013
After filling up on street food we went back to the hotel and watched The Croods on tv!  The funny thing is that I fell asleep during the movie only to wake up and Ady had watched the entire thing and downed an entire bag of m&ms.  She was so excited to be able to stay up til Midnight and to sleep in as long as she wanted.  She was telling me the entire time, "mom and I love to sleep in but Max and Lucy always wake us up."  She was pumped that I said she could stay up as long as she wanted and that she could sleep in all day if she wanted.  We were up before 8 am!

So the next morning we got breakfast in bed and this little foodie or ours got an crab omelet!  Yup I love how she enjoys eating such crazy stuff. 

After breakfast we checked out the Portland farmers market since we had heard such great things about it and I have to tell you that it did not disappoint.  This was by far the best farmers market I had ever been to.  Just walking the market you could smell fresh basil as if though it was infused in the air somehow.
heirloom tomatoes at the Portland Farmers Market
By about 11 am we headed over the the main square to sign in to the Redhead Event 2013 and then had some time to kill so we found this really cool candy store called Rocket Fizz.  Ady was as they say, as happy as a kid in a candy store.  The great thing about Ady was that all she wanted to do was get treats for Mom, Max and Lucy.
happy as a kid in a candy store
Now we get to the main event, the Redhead Event 2013.  You would have to be there to believe it but over 2000 natural red heads actually showed up and at this point it does appear that Ady and I are World Record Holders.  We will know for sure in about 90 days.  When you get there you have to have a picture of yourself when you were under the age of 8 and this is how they verify for people like me who are no longer sporting the flaming red, that you were truly a redhead.  We got official tags with our numbers on it and we were then just sitting around eating ice cream and waiting waiting waiting.  The bad news is that it was about 90 degrees and hot and sunny.  Nothing like 2000 gingers in the sun.  There was more sunblock used in that park than anywhere else in the world that day too I bet.
sitting in the sun with italian ice, just waiting to be officially counted
After the long wait they herded us all like cattle through one entrance to a roped off area and filmed each person entering one by one.  I kind of felt like we were being led off to our death in some weird lets rid Portland of the red heads kind of thing.  But we survived.  Here is what it looked like.

Look at all the Redheads
To end the day we met up with my cousin Jimmy Kandell and his wife and daughter over at the hotel and had some snacks and caught up.  It is cool to be able to get together even if just for 30 mins with family.  Ady was very polite and I hope she enjoyed that little pit stop.  After seeing Jimmy, we got back to the room, packed up our one small bag and headed off to the airport.

What a blast and what memories we will cherish for so long.  I am so glad I had the idea to do this and even more glad that my wife, Hailey held down the fort back home.  I guess I will owe her a Mom weekend away with Max soon.  I wonder what they could get in the Guinness Book for?  Messiest child and most stylish mom?  Well, I bet most of you reading this had no idea you were friends with a couple or world record holders.

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