Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Eric and Hailey's 9 year anniversary

Today is our 9 year anniversary!  Can you believe it?  As I was watching Adyson get all ready for school this morning I told her that Mommy and I had been married for 9 years and that that was longer than Ady had been alive.  She smiled and watched me give Hailey a hug and kiss and went on with her morning, however it was crazy to me to think that we have been married that long and in that time how much has been accomplished through our marriage.

engagement pictures over 9 years ago!

There are too many great things to list them all but the most important to me are:
  1. 3 absolutely wonderful children who though they stress us out a lot, bless our lives more than any worldly possession or thing.
  2. A home that is safe and peaceful (most of the times) that can shelter and protect us from the outside world at times
  3. Amazing in laws from both sides that have added to our memories and friendships.  Nieces and nephews and more coming now from Hailey's side.
  4. Great friends, wow we have great friends
  5. We have been able to visit some very cool and fun places
  6. learning to be patient, understanding and committed.
  7. The family garden that many do not know, that Hailey actually started years ago and has become something we all look forward to.

heading out for a lazy morning stroll in Vancouver
Anyhow, I could name many more but those seemed to have come to mind quickly.  So this past weekend Hailey and I took a few days alone and visited Vancouver, BC and it was amazing!  We loved it and had such a great time.  The reason for going of course was our Anniversary and the best thing about it was that we just got to spend time doing what we wanted to do, when we wanted to do it.  So what did we do?  We ate, slept in, watched movies in bed, ate, slept, walked the city, .............................  You get the point, we did was parents of 3 normally cannot do on vacation and that is whatever the Heck we wanted to do.  One morning we literally woke up at like 9, got breakfast, came back and watched a movie and fell back asleep, we then got up and went to some food carts for lunch, walked a mile or so (ya that was my fault, we ended up walking down the side of a freeway into nowhere) then came back, watched more TV or a movie, had dinner and dessert and then bed and movie.  Sound boring to you?  Then you do not have 3 or more kids under 10 at home.  We loved it.

We loved just spending time together and not having to worry about much of anything.  You see, after 9 years of marriage I have come to realize, there are always worries.  Not that my entire life is spent worrying, but you worry about kids, about work, about your spouse, etc.  It was just good to let that all go for a few days.

Some other highlights or our Vancouver trip were::
  • Hawksworth Restraunt
  • China Town Night Market (for me at least)
  • Food Carts
  • Horse pulled carriage ride at Stanley Park
  • The Granville Island Public Market
  • Relaxing together
a Great Panoramic view or Vancouver from Stanley Park

look how awesome and fresh the Salmon in Vancouver is. 

Sushi is so good there due to all the fresh local fish

some of the best food made at the Granville Island Public Market

Since we had no kids we found ourselves taking lots of Self Portraits or "selfies"

I look forward to the next 9 years too!  That is a worry, you see.  In 9 more years Adyson will be a senior in high school, Max a Jr and Lucy will be almost a teenager!  I bet that all gets here sooner than I can expect at this point.  Through all of it, I am lucky to have the support and love of my wife who I say Thank You to today and Happy Anniversary.  

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