Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Adys Big Baptism Weekend

A very special day for the whole family (Ady's baptism)
Our family right outside the church immediately after Ady's baptism

This past weekend was a great weekend in our family!  Our oldest daughter, Adyson got baptized.  In our religion you cannot be baptized until the age of 8 or after and the baptism is done by immersion.  We were so proud that Ady not only understood why she should be baptized, but that she chose to do it also.

It was very special for me to be able to baptize her and also give her a blessing while confirming her a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Hailey had Ady all dressed in the cutest white dress and she wore a floral crown and just looked like a little Angel that morning. 
Dinner was held at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in SLC, UT.
Telling Grandpa Jim and Grandma Sue thanks for coming all the way out for dinner and the baptism

Back tracking a little bit, Friday night before the Saturday baptism Hailey had planned a very nice dinner at the Joseph Smith building in Salt Lake where she had invited all her brothers and sisters and her parents and my parents and my sister and her husband.  Ady's great grandma Smoot came as did her oldest cousin Easton Lovell (Steve and Lisa's son who was baptized too a few months ago.) Our great friend Bandele also attended.  It was such a nice dinner and a great tradition that Hailey has started.  The point of the dinner is to make Ady (or whoever is getting baptized) to feel special and "older" and to have all those in attendance who would like, to share their feelings about her or baptism etc.  The food was really good but honestly it was being with family that I think means the most.
backyard picnic

So Saturday was the baptism down at our church and we were blessed to have tons of family and friends come and join us.  After the baptism, we went back to our house for a backyard picnic to hang out.  My parents flew in from Ohio which was a special event for Ady and she is so special that even Grandpa Jim made the trek out!  I hope I do not miss anyone, but here is a list of all those who attended:
Ady's immediate family
Shane and Stacy Smoot and all their kids
Great Grandma Hatch and Great Grandma Smoot
Jim and Sue Kandell
The Lovell family
Desatoff family
Kesler Family
Skinrood Family
Tornow Family
Beafus Family
Mabs and her mom and sister

We had a pretty white cake with butterflies and some other really good food to enjoy with each other.  The kids ran all over the outside of the house and the adults kind of chilled if you will in side and it was a very nice day to be with friends and family for sure. As always a special thanks to Hailey for making such a special day more special by taking the time to do so many little things that make the day much more meaningful.  What a great day!

 As parents we hope that Ady will always remember this very special day.  We thank all of our friends and family that came to make it even more special.  She was given a baptism journal that so many people left kind words and thoughts in.  We are very proud of you Ady and love you very much. 
Love Mom and Dad.

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