Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter in St. George

I don't normally write much on this blog, but wanted to drop a note about how much fun I had with family in sunny St. George, Utah this past Easter. We have started to make a tradition out if it and it has been really fun.

Grandpa and Grandma Kandell and the Lovell family joined Hailey, Ady, Max and me. We had lots of fun, good weather and great food. It was so much fun to see the 5 little cousins all playing together and to see how fast our kids grow up. My sister Lisa just had her little girl Saige what seems to be yesterday and here she is crawling around and laughing and she is 7 months old!

Some of my highlighted memories are:

  • The Mexican Food Market and all the good food especially the 5 foot piece of pig fat my dad bought!
  • The arts festival
  • Irmita's taco cart
  • Neighborhood walks
  • Just being with family

I am sure Hailey will post some pics soon and add some details. Oh NEVER RENT THE MOVIE THE BOX, it is horrible.

Well I gotta get back to work, but wanted to drop this quick note.

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