Thursday, April 8, 2010

The "Max" Party

Do you know my youngest is now a 3 year old? I cannot believe it! Where has the time gone, I figured I be preppin for baby number 4 at this point not still anxiously awaiting baby #3. But I really cannot believe how old Max is. Just a second ago he was this little snuggling thing who wanted to nurse 24/7. And now he's big (almost his sisters size) and my best little buddy.
On March 31st, Maxwell's official birthday we celebrated him with a "Max's favorite things Party". Kind of an odd theme? Well it came about because in January when I asked him what kind of party he wanted, guess what he said "Um, I just want a car, airplane, clown, circus, bouncy ball, madagascar party"
Oh is that all?? So I decided to put all the things Max loves into one little shindig and make Max our theme. The only thing I failed to deliver on was the Madagascar part, thankfully he didn't notice.

{my 3 year old macky}

{the party}

Okay how fun is all the mini stuff Dippidee made me for light sweet snacking, bite sized sugar cookies, oreos and sacrament cup sized cupcakes so the kids could try it all. We also had regular sized treats for those who could handle massive amounts of sugar.

Fun cookie favors, in some of Max's favorite items, airplanes, cars, and big "m" cookies with Maxwell picture stickers Ashlee Raubach helped me with.

Also made these take home bags with more of Max's favorite treats, bouncy balls and dollar store toy cars and airplanes.

The party hats I made turned out a little tight and a touch flimsy but I loved having Max's cute face on all the stuff. I love all his face stickers.

To fulfill the clown/circus part of Max's party, Button the clown came for our favorite kids party tradition, face painting, and balloon tricks and animals. She does amazing work. It was pretty much completely nuts, I think we had 22 kids all 5 years old and under running, screaming, eating and jumping all around. My mom always says "if you want to be the house your kids friends hang out at, you need to close your eyes and open your fridge" So thats what we did, we made tons of food and pretended we didn't see the kids running around our living room with half melted cupcakes. It's always worth the mess.

These popcorn bags I made and filled might have been the biggest waste of time ever, we had far too many snacks and I ended up throwing almost all of these out. Cute idea but total waste.

{more partyin'}

After dinner and the clown show downstairs, we moved upstairs for cake and cupcakes and to sing to Max.
Some of the kids blew out his candles before he did but overall he was completely pumped for all of it.

Max was especially lucky to have so many friends and family here t celebrate with us. Both grandmas, some aunts and uncles, cousins and a ton of friends. What a lucky kid. And what great friends and family we have.

And last but not least was Max's gift from Me and Eric. He got a John Deere Gator (like Grandpa Kandell's) that he has already mastered flying around the backyard in and even some impressive reverse and 3 point turn skills around the yard obstacles.
Max, we love you so much.
Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

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