Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Easter in St George {the highights}

We spend 4 days in sunny St George over easter with Eric's family. It was great to actually have plenty of time to do all the things we wanted to do. We usually get down their late Friday and leave Sunday.
We did so many things, I wont bore you with every detail but here were our highlights.

The cousins playing the tiny backyard.

Playing at the park with the dads and Grandpa Jim.

First ever successful (as in they actually slept) sleep-over in the cousins room. When we furnished the house back when Ady was like 6 months old, we thought one day all the cousins can sleep in here together. 4 years later. it happened thanks to Grandma Sue laying down with them each night and nap time til they all fell asleep.

Our favorite St george event The St George Arts Festival
best parts were
-Irmitas tacos
-ghetto facepainting (seriously max's "dinosaur" looked like pacman on fire, and Ady's "heart" looked like a kidney) Oh well it was free!
-kids getting their hair styled by local hair school students booth
-roasted corn
-best weather of the trip

Easter morning
-finding the baskets
-the egg hunt in the yard

Walks around the neighborhood. Max thought he needed the 4 wheeler helmet for his wagon ride.

Cheering Uncle Steve in his mini triathalon (is that what's its called?)

Cousins watching movies together

Making friends with neighbor kids

My parents lending us the 4 wheelers. Eric, Steve and Jim took them out one afternoon and loved it.

And the highlight for me and Eric was that our kids were so tired after 4 days they actually slept on the drive home Sunday. Amazing. (especially for Max)

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