Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Practice Egg Hunt

Last night one of our neighbors set up a little egg hunt at her mom's house for some of our friends and their kids. My kids were so excited to hunt eggs all over this enormous backyard. Yesterday was the warmest day we have had yet this spring, I think it was mid 60's at one point in the day. So I think just being outside again made them super happy.

{All the little egg hunters}
and guess what? Ady is one of the oldest in this group, poor kiddo is gonna be pretty shrimpy like her parents.

The kids had to wait like 20 mins when we got there for the dads to "hide" the eggs. They were huddled pretty close to this little grouping of 3 "hidden" eggs then all of a sudden the eggs were gone. So I think they were getting a little impatient.

On a completely separate but related to Spring note. I am so glad sunshine is on the horizon. I have been so anxious to get out of the house. I think I planned as many weekends away as possible in January and February but I am tired now and want to spend more time at home. SoI need some sunshine and outdoor entertainment for my children.
I am feeling better, still on my nausea meds but rarely throw up anymore. But I have a new annoying symptom this pregnancy, besides the headaches and nausea. EMOTIONS. I have been extremely lucky to never have to deal with postpartum depression. My pregnancies are usually so bad by the time the baby comes I am the complete opposite of depressed. I am quite the opposite of depressed. So, I have never really experienced very noticeable change in my emotional state. Until this pregnancy. Things that would normally just bother me, now make me sob for 2 hours. And things that I usually wouldn't even think to worry about are becoming slight obsessions. I tell Eric all the time, I think this is so hard. I feel bad for women who feel this emotional every pregnancy. I don't like feeling not like myself, I already don't look like myself. But, luckily my crazy days are only every once in awhile and there is an end in sight. I am so so so looking forward to June and to having a sweet little baby in our home again. Tomorrow s Max's 3rd birthday, and I really can't believe its been that long since we have had a newborn. I am craving one. But anyway, that little side not got away from me. But, basically I am just happy Spring is in the air and I have one trimester left til we are a family of 5. Yay!
Happy Easter Weekend!

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