Tuesday, March 2, 2010

3rd Annual Dessert Night.

Last Friday was our annual Dessert Night (adults only). We started the tradition because when you live in Utah and its freezing and yucky outside, January and February tend to drag a bit. So it gives us a sweet night to look forward to. This year we tried out a new change for Dessert night in years past like here, I gathered Dessert from all our favorite Dessert spots, Dippidee, Sweet Tooth Fairy, Magleby's, Chocolate Elation, Market Street as well as making a few of my own. Which is extremely time consuming but fun to have all our favorite sweet in one room. This year to just try something new we had our favorite caterer Culinary Crafts do the whole night. They did a great job but I'm still trying to decide which I like better, having it all done by one place to gather the best of the best. Not sure. But here is what we did this year.

As usual we had a cupcake, brownie station but this year also included, mini tiramisu, and lovely opera cakes.

Another new addition this year was the creme brulees, (2 kinds) as well as the pot de cremes and the cream filled truffle cups with a variety of fruit toppings. I probably had 6 of the raspberry ones. And I love the pretty spun sugar that was on top of the vanilla bean creme brulee.

Another benefit of a caterer was the option of gelato. We had a station in our kitchen of different french macaroons paired with different gelatos. And I love the Macaroon tree displays. So pretty.

I think my very favorite thing may have been the drink station. They had citrus water, sweetened steamed milk and a light milk chocolate hot cocoa. But what made it special was the add ins they had. First off, candy dipped spoons, in peppermint, carmel, white and dark chocolate and toffee. How cute, fun and delish is that? They also had fresh whipped cream, cinnamon, sprinkles, chili powder, and other toppers for your drinks.

Upstairs in the kitchen they made yummy crepes with orange butter, nutella, fresh cream and berries. I am not even going to admit how many of these I had. But in my defense they kept just bringing them to me.

The ever popular chocolate fountain station. Always a fav.

We hope all our guest had a great time, we don't get to see do many of you enough so it was so nice to all get together for a relaxing night (with no kiddos) and catch up.
Thanks for coming and thanks a million to Culinary Crafts for making us look like good hosts.

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