Tuesday, March 23, 2010

White Dinner at the Haiku Mill, Maui

Ok it's been a long 6 weeks waiting for this photos from Mike Adrian, but they are finally here and I couldn't even wait til my kids were in bed to post them. Every year on our President's Club trips we take Eric's employees on, we have one company dinner where everyone wears white, we do a official President's Club photo that is hung in the lobby at the office and basically celebrate the achievement of the employees to have made it. It's always a nice night. One that I look forward to the most. Every year I try to find a super unique location to the destination we are at to make it something that they couldn't do just anywhere. Last year in Cabo it was all Mexican food, and music and ambience on a cliff over looking the Sea of Cortez. Unique to that President's Club for sure. This years location took me a lot of scouting. But I finally found the Haiku Mill. You cant describe this place but I will try, it is an old Sugar Mill built in the 1800's that has now been made into a super gorgeous secret garden like wedding venue. Every inch of it is absolutely stunning. and if you think the outside surrounding are beautiful you should see the to die for shabby chic bridal cottage you get for a night if you rent the mill. Anyway here are the photos from our special night.

I had them use mostly local Hawaiian flowers for our arrangement and decor, orchids are harder and more expensive to come by on the mainland but in Hawaii they are plentiful. And beautifully fragrant also our dinner table smelled as good as it looked.

I love things hanging above tables where possible, they had never done this before at the Haiku Mill but they hung 9 foot strands of white orchids from the glass roof down to our table. And the chandelier they already have hanging about the tables sort of illuminated the strands at dusk.

I also requested an eclectic variety of glass jars, urns and votives all around the mill/steps and tables.

And another pretty addition to the mill where our guests dressed in all white.

We used Local Maui caterer from Soup to Nuts to do all the food, Hawaii local ingredients and flavors were the theme for the meal.

Our whole group of President's Club attendees, so many cute couples who we had tons of fun with.

We had an acoustic guitarist playing pretty music during dinner.

We ate appetizers and explored the mill until the sunset, then we sat down for the plated dinner, Eric's thank you speech and to enjoy the dinner. Its really pretty how all the lights on the mill, hanging strands, the chandelier and the other small spotlights slowly come on after dusk and get brighter as it gets darker, it makes the mill just as pretty in the dark.

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