Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Look how old my little Max is looking these days. I have been meaning and meaning to write a post on on the new stuff this kid is up to but life is so busy, and in 2 weeks he will be turning 3, so I am sure I can post more about him then. But for now. Here are a few highlights of max these days.
- Has been sleeping in his big boy room for a couple months now, made the transition no prob. I was worried it might be a battle since we waited so long (ady moved out of her nursery at 18 month so make room for baby max) but, as usual Max took it like a champ and was even so pumped to tell everyone about his huge big so tall bed.
- He has also been successfully potty trained since January, hence his reward of moving into the big boy bed. He took forever to accomplish this feat but loves his new underwear that he has been sportin.
- got his 3 year old pictures taken last week by our favorite local photog Ashlee Raubach, post coming later this week on those darling shots.
- got registered for preschool at Challenger this fall and is super excited to have is "own preschool thats just for him, and not Ady and not baby Lucy just for big boys, like him, right mom??"
- Has been learning some awesome new skills at swim lesson, like dive to the bottom to pick up dive sticks and rings and working on strokes. This kid is a fish.
- he sings song to baby "Wucy" in mommies tummy just about every day. He thinks she likes "I love to see the Temple" and "Twinkle" the very best.
- has a serious crush on his babysitter Emmy. "Mommy, I love my Emmy, she is my best friend" or "Can I have Emmy come play today, I really really love her"
- has been so excited about his upcoming 3rd birthday, he requested a "circus clown, airplane, car, bouncey ball, monkey, cupcake, motorcycle madagascar birthday" seriously. You can ask him to repeat it and he wont miss one every time. What is he actually getting a "max's favorite things" party. So I can incorporate all of them without running out of room on the invites. He is sooo excited.
- In February he had his first trip all by himself with mommy, Ady stayed at Grandma's and Daddy was golfing down in Scottsdale. So Max and I flew to Northern California to spend the weekend in Danville with the Shelton boys (Austin and Seth) for the weekend. He loved it. (photos below)

Love you Mr. Macky.

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