Thursday, February 11, 2010

Small Threads

So this past month Maxwell finally got potty trained (imagine hallelujah chourus playing)
He took forever, I have potty trained a few kids in my day, Adyson, kids that I nannied for while Eric and I were dating, and Ecuadorian orphans when I was working in South America. Max was bar none, my toughest. Oh well, it is done. Anyway, I love that now days they have little boxer briefs for toddlers. Max has some I got a Gymboree that he looks darling in. They were my favorite until I found Small Threads. I was browsing through Etsy one day and came across this cute store while looking for Pirate shirts for Max. Hand stitched and dyed darling little boys briefs. How cute are they??

Max loves all his new pirate and rockstar underwear that even Ady wants some. Small Threads makes a girls version but they are still in the boys brief style just with girly colors and designs. I tried to tell Ady that she wouldn't like them cuz they are like boys ones but she dosen't care. So, we got these. Anyway thought I pass a long the find since my kids are so stoked Max dosen't want to wear pants over these he is so proud. Oh an P.S. Small Threads also does cute shirts and onesies. I'll have to see if they have any cute ones for baby girl.

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