Monday, February 8, 2010

Kristin's Baby Shower

At the end of January I held a baby girl shower for my friend Kristin. She is due in mid-February with her first baby and we were so excited to get together to celebrate.
We had a evening shower so we could do a little dinner party in her honor.
My husband was supposed to be my co-chef but ended up pretty much doing all the cooking since I preoccupied myself making way too many paper poms and flowers for the house, of which I forgot to take pictures but don't worry they were cute.

After dinner we moved downstairs for dessert....

and fun stuff. I had set up a table of activities to busy ourselves with while we chatted. We had a little ribbon tied selection of cards for Kristin, everyone filled out a stats prediction card, and a advice for mommy card for kristin to take home and enjoy.
Then we also had onesies out and I had picked up a bunch of cute fabric that I had made iron-on earlier in the day with the help of my kids babysitter so we could decorate onesies for the Kristin new babe.
Its so fun and easy everyone can cut out the fabric however they want and in whatever design they want then when you are done you just iron on and DONE.

After my onesie activity, Chelsey had us do some bows and hats for the baby girl. Now, I have never made a bow in my life, my poor Ady got mistaken for a boy a little too much cuz I didnt have her in bows much, but my girlfriend Chelsey is very into bows. Her darling little girl Blakely is always sportin' some new design by Chelsey. So, who better to teach us the bow thing.

It was such a fun night to just sit around together chatting, crafting and getting Kristin excited for her upcoming arrival. Yay! Kristin we are so excited for you!

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