Thursday, June 11, 2009


Tuesday night Eric and I hopped on a quick flight up to Portland. He had some business to do up there on Wednesday and he dosen't like to fly alone so I went with him. I am usually the one who makes all of our travel arrangements, flights, hotels, etc. so I made us a reservation at THE NINES in downtown Portland, within walking distance of shopping, restaurants, and etc. So, I had something to do while he worked. And I have to say I loved this little hotel and the area we stayed. I have never been to Portland but I loved where we stayed. It's part of a major hotel chain but it felt very eclectic and boutique-y. So cute. And we ate dinner that night at the Hotel's Urban Farmer Steakhouse and it was really good.

The next morning we had a great breakfast in bed and eric headed off for the day.

I did this until 12:00 pm. Watching SVU episodes I had missed. Then I wandered the city until 4pm when we headed to the airport to catch our flight home.

Look how cute this hotel was done...

And the lobby was a big atrium.

If your not really sure what the point of this post was...
1. I liked Portland more than I thought I would
2. If you do go to Portland and want to be close to a lot of things, stay at the Nines. You'll like it, but not with kids. I didn't see any kids there the whole time.
3. and bonus.... no sales tax in Portland! So shop away!

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