Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another Kandell Update.

{Pictures from our visit to Thanksgiving Point Farm this past week}

Seems as though I haven't given any personal updates in awhile. Summer is upon us, life is busy and time flies. So here is a little break down/catch up on each of us.

Eric {daddy}

We actually have been missing Eric a little more this past couple of weeks. He was been super busy with work etc. And last weekend, he was in Scottsdale, Arizona for the weekend on his annual guys golf trip. He takes this trip every year with some of his old BYU buddies. They have a great time, golfing, going out for nice dinners {he has a new favorite steakhouse in AZ} and relaxing at the pool, and I imagine talking a lot about work. We of course miss him since I usually look forward to co-parenting on the weekends. But I am glad he got a little getaway. This week work was also very busy and a couple nights he got home long after the kids were in bed so we were happy to have him all weekend this week. He is becoming even more of a BBQ whiz this summer. Tonight he is even making, like 30lbs of ribs for a little cookout we are having at one of his employees homes. 

Hailey {mommy}

I am just so happy summer is here. Everything is easier in the summer, entertaining the kids, keeping the house clean (cuz we can be outside most days) So I am loving the warm weather. The kids and I swim most days at some point. Its a great way to wear them out for naps. I have also had some not-so-fun health stuff going on these past few months, that I haven't really wanted to write about on my blog. I try and keep my little blog upbeat on non-complaining since I know my trials pale in comparison to many out there. But, it wouldn't be a "real" update if I didn't mention this I don't think. I was diagnosed with poly-cystic ovaries when I was younger and have had some painful and lately very large cysts. Its been going on since late December and has been a longer process than we originally hoped. I so wanted to be having a baby this year and the waiting has been more difficult than I thought it would be. Seems as if every baby is staring at me some days. But, I am hopeful we are almost to the end of this little hiccup in our plans and very hopeful 2010 will bring us another addition to our family. And I know the waiting will make the day just a little sweeter. Meanwhile I am so grateful for the sweet 2 children I have and get to be with every day.

Adyson (buggy bug)

Adyson is going to be 4 this next month, and some days she wants to have a fairy party, some days a butterfly party, a lady bug party... blah blah blah. She always has a new idea. I, of course have been planning already so it's going to be a fairy party. She just finished preschool for the year and next fall will move up the the 4 year old class at Challenger. She loves school, reading, singing, all of it. This summer in addition to the Jazz class she had been taking is going to start a Ballet one as well. She is the cutest little dancer and really likes her classes. Ady is such a good big sister to Max also. She really loved to "mother" him and be with him. I love how well they play together and wish I could record the little conversations I overhear them having all the time. Of course, as you may have seen in the TIME OUT post, she also occasionally gets him into trouble. But mostly they play well.

Maxwell {macky}

Max is so funny. Really, his faces, his pouting, his little voice. All of it is so cute, but so funny. He needs a little toughening up, I admit. But, what do you expect he is with him mom and older sister all day every day? Ady and I like girl things and baby him. So sometimes he is a bit of a pansy. Eric and my brothers have decided to take it upon themselves to toughen up Max this summer, so we will see how that goes. Maybe he just needs a brother he can rough house with. Max loves cars, trucks, pirates and treats. We are weaning him off his candy addiction though. I am using a lot of string cheese and yogurt to replace suckers and m&m's. Seems to be going alright. Max loves to be read to, rocked and sang to before bed and his 2 blankets that he calls "beds" There is "blue bed" and "black bed" and both must be in his crib for him to go to sleep. Spoiled ... right?? Another reason he needs a younger sibling. 

Anyway, there is a little "where we are at" post. Mostly life is same old stuff. We have some fun stuff coming up with summer, visit to Ohio, 5 year anniversary, hopefully some fun parties that we are really looking forward to. Hope you all are enjoying your summer as well.

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