Monday, January 23, 2012

Starburst Christmas Party


Since I am so behind and December was such a busy month, I had no intention of going back and blogging EVERYthing that happened in December but Ady specifically requested this so her grandma's could see her Dance Christmas Party which we hosted. Ady is on the Starburst Team at The Dance Club which actually consisted for 3 levels, Ady is on the oldest level, so it wasn't just a party for her "ALL Starburst team" it was for the minis and small Starburst teams too. 36 girls in all I think from ages 4-7. So naturally we made it a dance party, moved all the furniture downstairs, had a DJ come and all the girls played games and danced the day away.
Ady was completely thrilled to play hostess.

We also had 2 of my favorite nail girls come and go Christmas manicures for the girls. Thanks so much to Ashlee and Kinzie.
And for Eric and our babysitteres Brooke and Jenny for helping me control the crowd.


The starburst teams with their coaches...


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