Monday, January 9, 2012

the minis.


This post will only feature information on the teeniest of kandells.
The most important stuff. What our trio has been up to. And some pictures of the day to day Kandell kid happenings.

Let's see. Bath time is a family affair around here. Ad and Max are old enough to notice their... ahem.. differences. So we instituted the "Swimsuit Shower" (or bath) tradition. All 3 participate, it includes bubbles, major splashing and usually some hurt feelings or bumped heads for whoever gets the spot underneath the water faucet.
but its a part of our days so here are some photos.


Ady is the queen of creativity. If she isnt making up some kid of "party" or "art project" then its a weird game that she has Max totally into.
Some of the recent projects have been....
Her clothing she makes from paper bags and adorns with stickers
Her pedicure station she made out of large Jcrew boxes from some of my Christmas orders.
Santas sleigh.... a haunted movie theatre, the weirdest "plays" you've ever seen
and this one picture below, the pirate treasure map.... which led all around the house and if I recall correctly, never really ended in treasure.. just a called off search.


Ady and Max are best friends or worst enemies. Is there any in between for siblings so close in age??


oh yes. and Lucy? she never holds still. like ever.


oh ok. I guess, one time she did.


Max is a alphabet genius. Earning his alphabet crown in record time. On to blending and reading from here.


The worlds coldest BYU fans hitting up the coldest game of the year. With their dad. What a guy.


Lucy's day consists of begging for her milk baba, Im too lazy to care that my 18 month old refuses to drink sippys. Hailey Kandell of 2006 would be shocked at this. Disgusted even. Who lets their 18 month old still drink from a bottle. Well, Hailey Kandell of 3 kids and a busy schedule and 2012 does. Lucy drinks so well from a cup, I do cups by day and bottles for naptime and nigh nigh. And I feel fine about that.


Lucy is into everything, all the time. So thats what I do. Follow her, stopping disaters, saving her from electrocution and keeping up with the messes. I recommend asking for your busiest child first. Get it done right up front. Because having your 3rd be the busiest, well, its pretty crazy here at times.
But she is so fun and so much personality. She wants to do everything we do. All the time. SHe points at your food, toothbrush, comb, telephone and just starts shouting "peez, peez, peez"
I told Eric on our recent family cruise to Mexico that"please" was becoming one of me least favorite words.


But in newsworthy, almost deserved its own blog post kind of excitement. Lucy wore piggies for the first time last Saturday. It was darling.


I love my munchkins. So proud of them most the time and so happy they at least 60 percent of the time seem to love each other. I'm a lucky mom.


And Eric? He's pretty lucky too. He's for sure the favorite parent around these parts.
Lucy especially is head over heels for her daddy.
I tell myself all the time "he's the fun parent, and you cant have 2 fun parents, 2 fun parents is a carnival". Thanks Modern Family.


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