Wednesday, May 21, 2008

And The Winner IS..... David....COOK!!

Ok so contrary to poll numbers on my blog, Cook beat out Archuletta tonight. Which I was bummed out at first about but I am happy for him. He really is very very good and seems like a cool guy. This was the best American Idol finale yet, cuz I felt like there was no frontrunner. SO it was fun to watch. Our American Idol Party was fun to have everyone over to watch with us and eat the snacks I got way to much of. 

Ok I do have to spot light the cupcakes we served, my cupcake go-to girl Megan from the SWEET TOOTH FAIRY made little cupcakes with microphones on them and stars, then some had "American Idol" on them. Then my favorite ones had Idol saying on them like 
" It was a little pitchy" "It was all too cabaret for me" and "dude, you could sing the phone book" They were a hit!

Ok so I made everyone choose who they were rooting for and wear a wrist band to show it. (I didn't want anyone switching teams once they announced the winner like Eric always has) I even had the kids wearing ones to support "their David"
Blue was for Archuletta and Silver was for Cook, this is Eric braggin about his silver wristband

Ashley, Ava and Haley were for Archuletta, we were for sure a mixed crowd.

We all sat around for the big announcement. Even the kids all settled down to watch.
Thanks everyone for coming! It was so fun to have everyone over!! And now So You Think You Can Dance starts tomorrow. Yay, now we won't go through Idol withdrawls.

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