Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mother's Day


My Mother Day was full of this
Delish summer BBQ prepared by my husband for my entire family
My kids singing their primary Mothers Day songs to me up on the stand
A Sunday nap, well IM not good at napping BUT I did lay on my bed and Watch Law and Order and thats even better to me.
My family coming to my house for our Mothers Day casual outdoor feast
Gifts, cards, hugs, handmade love by my kids
Birthday desert for me and my little brother Spencer, we share a birthday week.
It was great.
Although I think after birthday week and Mother's Day, my husband is burnt out on celebrating me.
You should have seen the look on his face when we got home from Vegas and I asked if I got to sleep in the next morning (Mothers Day). 2 sleep in days in one week was not working for him.

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And I would be lame to not mention, in a post about Mothers Day my gratitude for my own mother. You gave me and all her kids everything she has and is. She's a wonderful example who Id be wise to follow. And all the other wonderful mothers in my life, including my mother in law, the mothers who are in my kids lives, my friends who are great examples of selfless, loving mothering. For my sweet babysitters Brooke and Jenny who "mother" my kids when I am not there.
I love you all.

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