Tuesday, May 15, 2012



Let me first start of this post by making 2 points.
1. Lucy's name is not Lucille. I get asked all the time since its her "in trouble" name
2. the photo above might be my favorite photo of my kids. ever.

I thought to get back to blogging, I better start with a post of something I am excited about. And there is  not much that gets me more excited than my youngest little chickadee. And use the word "little" fairly loosely, as there is not much "little" about our Lucy Lu.. 
She is big talkin, big tricks, big thighs, big smile, big personality.
And we love her so much.
Since she has changed so much over the past little while, I thought I'd document some Lucy-isms.

Lucy has no "off button" she pops right up every morning and is pumped about it, and hits the ground running. Always wakes up with smiles and animated greetings for the rest of her family who prefer to wander around in sleepy silence for the first 15-30 mins of the day.


If you pull out your phone, a ipad, a camera, or anything that even remotely looks like one of these things, she immediately poses and says "chee chee cheese"
Speaking of cheese. Chuck-e-cheese. Its her favorite. Favorite word to say. Favorite place to talk about. She has only been once but it made quite an impact.


She has the best bikini bod for miles. And cant get enough pool time.
Obsessed with those cheeks. 

photo-66 photo-64 photo-60 

And this one is for Grandpa Jim Kandell, we are bathing Ohio-style these days. In the pool.

photo-61 photo-59 photo-58 

She is obsessed with Elmo and Elmo's World. Frequently she is yell-singing at the top of her lungs "Dats Elmo's Werld"and when I got her these sesame street "elmo/zoey" shoes she insisted she even sleep with them. and I love her for being this excited about a pair of shoes.


This photo is of Lucy visiting her babysitter Brookey after Brooke got her tonsils out earlier this month. When we got to her house, Lucy walked right over to Brooke's bed, lifted the covers and climbed into bed with her. Brooke was immediately healed.


When Lucy was about 9 months old, we started calling her mischievious alter-ego "Gemma" when she was making messes or being crazy, the kids and I would say "its not Lucy, its Gemma" or "uh oh Gemma is here" These days I'd say most days are Gemma days, so much so that we've given up on it being her alter-ego and just embraced Lucy's true busy-body self.

photo-69 photo-70 

With Ady and Max in school, dance, soccer, swim etc. I get plenty of alone time with Lucy. I am loving having this special time with her. We have our own adventures, visits to Grandma Meema's, shopping trips. park visits, and cartoon in mommy's bed mornings.
Its the best time. Her happy little spirit just makes my day better.


I love you Miss Lu.

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