Friday, May 18, 2012

Birthday Sleepover


I'm a lucky girl this year, my birthday May 9th landed in the middle of the week so I felt celebrated all week long. Dinner with girlfriends, lunches, park playdates, sweet gifts and notes. I'm very blessed to have such wonderful people around me.
My husband knowing, my birthday weekend always falls around Mothers Day, knew I wouldn't want to be away from the tots on Sunday so he took me to a fun Vegas overnighter Friday night. We flew down mid-day with these 2 wonderfuls (pictured below, Jodee and Rob)
and we had a great old time. We stayed at the Cosmopolitan again, my new Vegas favorite. 

photo-89 photo-75
(love any reason for Vegas jewels) 

We did all my favorite Vegas things Early tapas pre-dinner at Jaleo, followed by excellent seats to Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian (did you know its ending there in Sept, so hurry and go!!) 


I got to sport my new gorgeous clutch from Lindsey, Jodee and Court all night.

photo-77 photo-76 

Then after Phantom we hit up a new sushi spot at the Cosmo Blue Ribbon Sushi, I thinkit was good, nothing incredible except the toro.
In my mind Sushi Samba and Nobu jut cant be competed with. They are too amazing.
But it always fun to try a new place.

photo-78 photo-80 

Saturday, we shopped (Eric did even a teeny bit, his eyes were glazed over at Saks for the entire 15 mins, but progress is progress. He's wonderful. I got to hit the oxygen bar, which is my favorite for the Vegas headache I always get from second hand smoke (ew people) Then Jodee and I got massages at the Cosmo spa which was delightful.
Then we hopped on the plane back home and were home in time to kiss our kids and tuck them in and be in there in the morning for Mother Day. A perfect weekend.


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