Thursday, September 16, 2010

Max + Soccer

Max finally barely made the cut off to play on the Pre-K 3-4 year old soccer rec league. And let me just tell you. 3 year olds "playing" soccer is something to see. SOO glad we didn't coach this time around.
Last night was Maxwell's last game. I am pretty sure Max and most of the other younger kids on the team, are not entirely sure on the objective of the game. They just sort of chase the pack of older kids around the field and wave to their parents.

We have been happy to be Max's cheering section at each game. I decided the best thing to do in not try and coach him from the sidelines cuz he really doesn't know of care what's going on.

Last night Max did have one small "injury" he and another kids bonked heads. Good thing he has big sister Ady to make him all better quick.

Go work Max! We are so proud of you!

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