Friday, September 10, 2010

Anniversary Trip with Lucy

{Mexico Sept. 2010}

For our 6 year wedding anniversary Eric, Lucy and I headed down for some sun and relaxation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. We planned it over Labor Day since thats a banking holiday and means we could go for 6 days but have Eric only miss 2 1/2 days of work. It was heavenly. Cabo is one of our favorite vacation spots. We stayed at the lovely One and Only Palmilla. The weather was great, the flight was quick and Lucy was a very good little munchkin. We had a lot of fun getting away just the 3 of us.

We ate at some great restaurants, one being Suviche, the hotels fusion of sushi and ceviche.

We got plenty of sleep. Eric and I actually really liked taking Lucy back to the room every afternoon for her long nap because we watched movies and napped ourselves.

I especially loved having Eric get so much time one on one with Lulu. Usually our other kids dominate his few hours at home so since they weren't around Lucy was loving her daddy time.

Eric still was able to stay connected at work and work a couple hours a day but from the lounge chair instead of from a desk. Major improvement.

Lucy took her very first dip in the pool. Most the time she loved it. Except when Eric would put her on her back.

The views from Palmilla of the Sea of Cortez were so pretty. We even skyped with Eric's dad from our cabana so he could check out the view.

Lucy lovin' the sunshine and warm weather. And her dad of course.

Happy and smiling to....

Snoozin... its a rough life she's got.
Another Cabo fav of our is the sushi at Niksan. We love this place.

We souvenir shopped for Ady and Max in downtown San Jose del Cabo.

We got to eat things like dulce de leche churros for breakfast.

More poolside naps

helping daddy get some work done...

My favorite thing about the resort what the transformation at night, everywhere you look at night they had candles and lanterns. all through the walkways and hanging from the trees. It was really amazing how much they had to set up each night to make it so pretty.

One night we headed into town for some local tacos. Our taxi driver told us his favorite locals spot. a huge dinner of tacos and everything for less than an appetizer would cost at the hotel. We loved it.

Eric in the infinity pool

On our last day we went back into town for more authentic mexican food for lunch and found a really cool place that made salsa table side in these huge lava mortar and pestles.

We had such an awesome time in Cabo and with Lucy. She is such a fun age and an easy age to travel with, just sleeps and eats. We love her.

We were sad to go on our last day but so excited to see Ady and Max. We missed them a lot.

This last picture I had taken the day we left of just me and Eric, it didnt turn out but I had to post it since it was the only pic of just us 2.
Happy Anniversary honey! I hope you had as much fun as I did.

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