Tuesday, November 22, 2011

St George

(Our family at the Swiss Days Parade in Santa Clara)

At the end of September, Eric mom got tickets for her, me and Adyson to go see Little Mermaid at Tuahcahn in St George. So we made a quick weekend of it. I drove down on Friday morning with all 3 kids. Eric would not leave work early so he took a flight down later that night, (hooray for St George's new airport, hopefully we will use the St George house more now) It was also the same weekend at Santa Clara's Swiss Days which we attended both the fair and the parade for.
Here are some highlights from Swiss Days.
I know we took some pics at the Little mermaid, which by the way was incredible! But i cannot find them, maybe they were on my old phone?


I have to preface this next photo with the caption I put under it when I put it up on facebook.
It makes me laugh every time I see it.

"The Dixie High Band got more than they bargained for when they passed Lucy on the parade route" babies gone wild? oh Lucy.


Thanks for a fun weekend Kandell Grandparents! For the show, for flying in to have a weekend with us. Everything.

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