Monday, November 21, 2011

7 years

(2 weekends after our anniversary we headed to Vegas for a weekend away, here is a photo from our favorite Sushi Samba)

I suppose 3 month later is better than no post at all.
On August 27th Eric and I celebrated 7 years of wedded bliss.
Although anyone who is married knows wedded bliss actually means: good times, bad moods, fun trips, not so fun plane rides, sexy dates BUT more unsexy ones, more pregnancy sickness than I care to relive, petty arguments, the bond that only bringing children into this world together can give, lost patience, lost wedding ring, late night movies and SVU episodes, late night newborn feedings, the knowing smile we give each other when one of our kids does something to is "so eric" or "so hailey", the other knowing smile when our kids do something "right" despite having imperfect parents. Friday night date nights out, and others at home, birthdays, anxiety attacks, holidays with loved ones, disagreements over who does more dishes (not even close, me!) and through it all being still happy with the choice I made at the youngin' age of 20 when I could have possibly known the importance of my choice. So glad I fell into something perfect. Imperfectly perfect.
Oh darlin' I love you so.... sure do.

(our actual anniversary we had a lovely dinner at Forage. Have you been? Are you a foodie? Do you have 3 hours to eat a bazillion teeny delish courses? Then go!)

(below more Vegas getaway pics)

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