Sunday, November 20, 2011

Disneyland, our fall tradition


Our Disneyland trip this year was a whirlwind. We decided to add family pictures to our usual quick trip which made everything else a little quicker.. but it was fun and wonderful all the same.
Our first day after spending the day at Sadderock Ranch and Vineyard doing pics. We got the usual sitter for Lucy at bedtime and took Ady and Max to a late dinner and show at Mideval Times. We ate with our hands, we cheered on our knight and Ady was awarded the knight's banner at the end of the evening complete with special photo of her being presented it by her knight. Eric was less than pleased his daughter was chosen as "Queen of Love and Beauty" and that he forked out an additional $25 for this memory to have a photo momento but Ady was thrilled to be chosen as the knights one and only in the crowd.
On the way home in the taxi our kids fell asleep... and we barely got them up to the room with all our stuff and treasures from the show and carrying 2 sleeping kids.


for the next 2 days we hit the park. all our favorites plus some.
but of course starting our day with the Storytellers Cafe breakfast at our hotel every morning is a must. Lu thought the characters were rockstars and squealed with delight when any of them were close by...

(our Ariel, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell)


The next night we order room service for our kids and their "Fairy God Mother" babysitter nad headed out for an hour sans kiddos. We hit the jackpot of sushi restaurants and will for sure be returning for our fix next time we are there.
Then we went back to the hotel to pick up the 2 older kids while Lucy went to bed in the care of the sitter and we took the kids on some big kid rides.
They braved, Thunder Mountain, Soarin (a couple of times, it was their fav) Splash Mountain (hated it, anticipation of the big drop had them both in tears), and Ady braved the ultimate in freaky Disney rides the Tower of Terror. She went with Eric, came out traumatized, but since tells everyone its her favorite ride.. I don't think she will go again any time soon but she earned those bragging rights. So she is using them.


(our amazers sushi find pictured above, and my big kids Ady and Max on Main Street waiting for fireworks on "adults/big kids night" in the park pictured below)


Lu and dad waiting in line for the new Little Mermaid ride, its darling. Lucy and I went on it like 6 times in a row one morning while Eric and the kids hit Soarin again. and again.

(Minnie Mouse and Jasmine)

All in all it was a successful quick trip, a fun tradition we have kept and wonderful to have quality family time. That dad of ours is busy busy lately and we soak up all the dady/kid time we can get with him.
Til next year Diddyland!

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