Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Kids

Looking back I wish I did updates on my kids more often for memories sake. I'm going to try and be better. Waiting for Baby #3 (who should be here very very soon), I figure there is no better time to give an update on the other 2. Whose cute ages and stages we are thoroughly enjoying.
{all these photos were taken over Memorial Day weekend in St George at the Water Park and fountains in downtown}

Adyson (4 yrs. 11 mos. and 10 days old)

Ady just started the mini starburst dance team at the studio she takes at. Big time dancer now, 2 times a week for ballet, jazz and tap. This first week didnt go that well she cried twice, but I am to blame for one and tiredness for the other. But she does love to dance.
Ady loves lip gloss, lipstick, chap stick, colored m&m's she can lick and paint on her lips. Anything make-upish. In fact the 2 things she asked for her birthday are: 1. Bubble gum 2. pink lip gloss. That's it. Sweet! No bike? Scooter? Barbie? Sold! I am headed to the dollar store.

Ady still loves to carry things around in bags. I seriously drives me crazy to find bags full of random stuff everywhere but she loves it. She usually has, some kind of snack, maybe a pen or crayon, some beads, tiny trinket toys and a half eaten chapstick she has stolen from my purse. So, she is our bag lady.
On that note she actually loves trinkets of all kinds, she puts them in her locker, on her nightstand, in her cubby organizers. I am constantly cleaning up her clutter only to find it back out in the same place I got it from.

Ady is an awesome swimmer. I am always poolside with my eyes on her but she is so good, I don't even have to worry. If she had more time this summer I would let her do the little sharks swim team where is she swims at but I don't want to over schedule her... or myself.
She loves to color. Most every picture she colors has some kind of rainbow in it. Either it is a rainbow ir the girls dress is rainbow colored or the ground is a big rainbow. She loves color.

She is still completely a daddy's girl. Loves loves her daddy, want him to brush her teeth, sing her bedtime songs, ride in his car. He can do no wrong. Lucky for her that feeling is mutual, Eric can be suckered into quite a bit by Ady.
Ady finished up preschool just last week and got her blending badge just before she did, so she can now blend words together, and hopes to be reading books to Max soon.
I have gone back and forth and back and forth on her fall plans. Being a July birthday she could go to Kindergarten this year or be the oldest and go next year. Academically I know she is fine maybe even a little ahead thanks to her great preschool but Ady for sure has some anxiety and shyness about new situations and older kids. I am kind of feeling like giving her an extra year to mature in that way and maybe grow :) (sorry for your genes Ad!) might be best. Ahh. I think I have taken forever on this decision because its like the first decision that actually matters a little. Everything else we decide is sorta not that important.

Anyway we love our little Ady bug and we are so glad she is ours and are so looking forward to her little nurturing side with Baby Lucy coming. She is soo excited.

Mr. Maximus (3 yrs 2 mos. 18 days old)

First off, I love his face so much I just want to squeeze it. And I can, so I do.
Max has grown up so much in the past 6 months. He looks older, he talks older, everything. I still want to baby him because he is my youngest well, for the next few days. But its hard to deny that he really is not a baby anymore.
Earlier this month I shaved his head into a mohawk, instantly: punk behavior. As if he knew he had to misbehave to "fit the look" so we promptly shaved it off into a "buzz" when I told him he had a buzz he nows calls it his "buzz lightyear" and chances are good if you chat with Max for more than 2 mins he will ask you "do you like a mohawk or a buzz lightyear better?" Then he will tell you that he likes them both.

**and yes my son is wearing a pirate spandex/speedo-ish swim suit, because he is his fathers son, and if you know Eric you know why I say that**

Max is also an awesome swimmer. Its actually amazing to watch him, I will post some clips sometime. He will swim in our pool for hours, fully swimming around in the 12 feet deep, it must exhaust him but he wont get out until he is forced. He jumps off the diving board no problem no one around and will swim to the shallow or the side. Whatever. Its funny to see because he is a heavy kid, he sinks like a rock but soon enough he pops out of the top smiling and swimmin around. I have been there for the whole learning process and its really quite amazing when you think about the fact that he is just 3. Once again, survival swim has my 100% approval, support. All of it.

Max is no longer our child who only plays off by himself, I mean he still will but he is not shy at all to walk up to any group of kids to play. (Ady is the complete opposite) he loves nursery, playgroup, anything where he can be with other kids.
He just started a daddy/son tee ball league with Eric and his cousins and Uncle Steve. Where the dads participate, and they do drills and stations to learn tee ball skills then the last 3 weeks they play little games. Max is super pumped about it, finally something just for him. And its darling to see him run around the bases with his little arched back. I know this is bad to say but he looks just like Eric running and I love it. Sorry babe, but you know I think its cute.

Max dosen't have much a filter for things that should be said in private or sometimes things we shouldn't say.. a few examples
saying "thanks I can go pee with my penis" during his bedtime prayer
shouting at church "I just go pee standing up"
or when I picked him up from nursery a few weeks back and the teachers said when they got out the bubbles for the kids to chase Max yells'"get over here you freakin little bubbles"
But he is a good kid, and is most the time polite, says thank you, please... all that.

Max is a pro at the computer and Nick Jr games.
He wants to be a doctor when he gets bigger or a pirate. (Im hoping Dr.)
He is the only one in the family that will come over and talk to Baby Lucy in my tummy everyday. Sing her songs, tickle her (scratch me) and say "get out her baby wucy"
He never says "CAN YOU help me or lift me" or whatever its always " Wont you.. help me.. hand me ... give me " Something no one else might notice but I think its super cute.
Also Max is a pro at prayers. Lately they have become especially long. Thanking heavenly father for "uncle austin is on his mission and that uncle spencer is NOT on his mission" and "thanks to maybe Emmy come over tomorrow?" (his babysitter) and usually each one of his family members my name and what he did that day and hopes to do the next day, and for the books on his counter, and that Ady is in bed too, and maybe that he can go to the car wash tomorrow....and well, you get the point.

We love our Max! So excited for him to be the big brother.

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