Friday, March 16, 2012

Ady's Trip to Chicago


Like 6 weeks ago (soo behind still) Eric and I took Ady on her own little weekend away to Chicago. We loved it. She loved it. This photo above with her leaping for joy way her reaction to hearing that our hotel was across the street from the American Girl store. And as like all vacations since Christmas, Ady's doll Millie was joining us.
(as seen below,
and dont you dare think we bought Millie her own seat on the plane, we just got lucky)


Eric refused to miss even an hour of work, so Ady, Milllie and I flew out to Chicago earlier in the day and Eric planned to meet us that night.
We walked around the city, ordered room service, planned our itinerary and tried to stay up to see daddy before bedtime.


We loved every minute of our time in Chicago. I have no idea why we don't go there more. The food? Amazing! Its all Eric could talk about...
here are some highlights.... mostly centered around what we ate and Ady's time at American Girl.

Brunch at Gage

Walking the freezing streets of Chicago.


Purple Pig, one of Eric's favorite lunch of all time. Anywhere.


Some shopping for Millie. Ady saved her money, I think all she paid for was glasses. Really American Girl $16 for doll glasses? They saw us coming a mile away.


Daddy was a pretty good sport, he stayed for maybe 30 mins.
Once Millie got a salon appt, he had to get out of there.
Me and Ady did the doll lunch at the American Girl Cafe, it was fun and cute and Ad was in heaven.


We swam a bit at the hotel and relaxed.


Then the babysitter came for Ady and Mom and Dad went to the UFC fight (the original purpose for the chicago trip) with our friend Brian Bailey.
Th fights were good, our seats were great. I was the only girl on there dresses like a girl, all other females were either dressed like street walkers or men. Its an odd crowd.
But so much fun.


I find after all live fights I have been to, I tend to destroy my fingernails. I really do like it but sometimes its hard to watch.


After the fights Brian, Eric and I hit Giordano's Pizza. It was just like everyone says. Increz. We waited about a month for our food but it was worth it.


Next highlight on Ady's weekend was Pinkalicious The Musical. Also right by our hotel, Ady loved it, Eric slept and we got autographs from the cast afterwards.

This is my only picture of us there, please ignore how awful it is of me... I must have been sleepy from our midnight pizza dinner the night before.


We had so much fun with Ady on her little weekend away. She is such a good girl.

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