Sunday, June 26, 2011

Utah Lake


Yesterday we took the boat out for the first time this summer.
The weather was perfect, the kids were happy and begging to tube with Aunt Christa and Uncle Spencer. They were loving it. Bouncing around and telling us "faster" then "slower". Absolutely loving it. Then for a minute we went too slow and flooded the tube washing them all off... they were totally safe, in their life jackets and with Spencer and Christa holding them but they were screaming and sobbing. Freaking out so bad it was almost comical. It totally surprised us since our kids are basically fearless in the water and had already been swimming out in the lake, Also I figured they knew falling off the tube was a slight risk of tubbing. This exact scenario has actually happened before when Ady was on that exact tube. I guess they were unaware of the risk and thus very unhappy to have it happen. Our first day out on the lake this summer may be the last time our kids tube all summer.

and PS how cute is my little brother with my kids? So cute. And he is single... so if you know any cute BYU or Provo girls.. set him up. Im sick of his complaining that he needs a "boo" for things like boating, Lucy's birthday party, family trips. We need to get him a girlfriend asap.


Plus their fear were probably compounded when after they spilled off the tube and were back in the boat. Eric took Christa and Spencer on a "real" tube right which had my kids hanging on for dear life inside the boat.


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