Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lucy's Zoo


Last weekend we celebrated little Lucy's 1st birthday with a Zoo Party since our little Lu is so into animals... and food. We partied it up big time.


I cannot believe she is 1 already, where did the time go?
When the guest arrived we sent them around back to get their hand stamped for Zoo entry by this little Zookeeper who abandoned the ticket booth as soon as her friends arrived.


Our favorite face painter who we like to have at any great kids party. Also brought her equally talented ballon artist to make the kids some balloon zoo animals

(my 3 little party animals)


then it was dinner time, I love the centerpieces but was so sad, somehow they forgot to put in the little paper animals and Lucy's Zoo pennants in them... and I didn't notice until afterwards.
Amazing dinner by the always perfect Culinary Crafts, the only thing better than their food is their amazing service.



The traveling petting zoo.
The kids were enthralled.


I made these little wooden signs for all over my yard, some of them, like this one above had Lucy sayings on them like"ohh wassat?" which is something Lucy says all the time.
Most of them meant nothing to anyone but us. But I think it'll be funny to look back and remember those Lu sayings.

Kandell family with our 1 year old sister Lu. Ady as you can see Ady changed into her dance Lion costume half way through the party.

Then it was cake and sparkler time... amazingly only one kid got burned...
the tag on the sparklers said "tikkum" for coming to my party, another Lucy saying "tikkum" as she says all the time we think, means thank you.


Happy Birthday LULU!


Time for dessert, delicious birthday cake, candy station and gelato and cookie bar for making ice cream sandwiches... all by Culinary Crafts. Love them.


Then it was time for games and dancing... til the super late time of 9pm...
Lucy actually exited the party around 8:30pm.... tired from partyin' so hard.


thanks to all our wonderful friends and family who made Lucy's 1 year old birthday so special.
We are lucky to have such great people in our lives.
And so is Lucy.

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