Monday, March 7, 2011

Back to Blog.

{Ady doing her little solo part during her Trio dance at the New York Onstage Competition}

No, I have not come back to blog to announce that Adyson is going to be featured on Toddlers and Tairas. {I think that show is horrid and features parents living through their children at its very worst} But, Ady is wearing a lot of make-up in this photo from her first dance competition above so maybe I shouldn't cast stones. But I am back to say I have a lot of blogging to catch up on and hopefully I can start to this week. Including ....

- Ady's first dance competition and her first Trio (small number with only 2 other tiny friends)
- Sarah Klotthorr's bachelorette dinner party with my girlfriends I threw at Bambara
-President's Club in the Bahamas
- Eric and my kids with Jimmer fever and Eric's devastation with the Davies drama
- Valentines Game and Tapas Night
- Lucy's first month in survival swimming
-and Lucy, Max, Ady photos galore.

Stay tuned.....

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