Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mobile Lucy


Lucy had her 6 month appt this last week (were we a couple of weeks behind because of the holidays)
Her stats were
Length - 27 inches (75%)
Weight - 17lbs 3 oz (50%)
Head Circ - 43 cm (25%)

about the same percentiles she has been. Im sure that height will start to taper off soon.
I cannot believe how big she is and even more than that the my 6.5 month old is full blown crawling, not scooting or army crawling but crawling and fast fast. She is gone in 3 seconds is you leave her be. If I am hanging up clothes in her closet, she is down the hall and to the stairs before I know it. SHe is also pulling herself up on anything and everything, including her crib, and trying to stand on her bumper to lean over the top. Why is my 3rd starting the so soon. Its too early for having to buckle her tight into the high chair cuz she tries to stand in it. Oh Lucy Lucy. What is your hurry?

At 6 months Lucy's favorite things are
her siblings
snacks she can feed herself (puffs, yogurt melts)
oatmeal, grain or rice cereal or bananas
toys she can bite on
biting everyone with her 2 tiny new teeth
saying dadadadadada, and new this week mah mah mah and bah bah
crawling around with no restriction, she doesnt like when I barricade her into a certain spot
her crib for bedtime
baths on the floor of mommys shower
putting everything in her mouth
being read to (for the first 2 mins)
sitting in her saucer in the playroom while the kids play
when Daddy gets home
when I get her out of bed in the morning, i love happy babes in the morning

at 6 months Lucy does not love
sitting still anywhere
getting buckled into the carseat, once she is buckled she chills
going down for a nap when the other kids are still playing
getting dressed or changed
cuddling or even laying on my shoulder, she is too big for that nonsense
holding her own bottle, I try and try...

Not may things no the dislike list cuz Lucy is the best baby. She easy going and always smiling.
We love having Lu around.

Now if I could only get her to stay in one place for more than 10 seconds...


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