Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dance, Dance, Dance

{Dragon Dance at the Christmas Concert}

I haven't posted anything about Adyson's dance since she has been on her Mini Starburst team.
So here is a little post on all things Dance.
She loves her team. She loves to dance. And she loves getting dolled up for her performances.
These first photos are from the Christmas Concert just a couple weeks ago.
It was the most adorable little ballet dance. They came out under the dragon then jumped out to do their dance. Its one of my favorites Ady has done.

{Ady is the 2nd one, right behind the girl holding the dragon head}

Then these are pictures of their production number with the 3 other starburst teams. It's called "Whats New At The Zoo" their team was the lions. They will perform this one a few more times in the Spring but they performed it in November at Art With Heart, a benefit concert to raise money for Shriners Hospital. She's a little harder to see in this number because she kept lining up right behind one of the little girls instead of in the window.
{she the back left in this one}

My little sister Breanna who dances at one of the other 2 schools that performed at Art With Heart was in the same concert.

[Ady and Bree with my parents}

Ady spends about 5 hours per week dancing with her team, doing Jazz, Ballet, gym and tap and also a Trio number. So she has become good friends with all these little girls.

Here they are at their practice on Halloween.

And at their Christmas party where they saw the Nutcracker together and went out to lunch as a team. They did a hat, gloves, or scarf gift exchange and here they are with their coach Hiedi wearing their gifts. So cute.


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