Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kandell Update

It's been a little while since I have done an update on what we have been up to. This post will probably be boring to most of you but it's good to journal for myself.

Eric - Eric's work has gotten a little busier lately. He pretty much always works longer hours even when he isn't as busy so his schedule hasn't changed much. It's just if I call him at work now... it better be important and/or not last longer than 30 seconds. He and I have both been working out and eating good to try and lose the baby weight we gained during Lucy's pregnancy. I think we both lost 10 lbs in Sept. Eric is really looking good plus he has way MORE energy when he is working out. Eric got called as the Young Mens President the week after I had Lucy and he loves it. Its for sure a time commitment but I think its the perfect calling for him. I bet the YM love him. Also, Eric got the kids all signed up for gymnastics. Something he has wanted them to do forever, so I told him it could be his thing. The kids love it and its fun for Eric to be able to go to one of their lessons since all the rest are during his work day.

Me - I'm busy with my 3 kids. Driving to preschool, dance, swim lessons etc. all while trying to get back in time for Lucy to nap and be on some sort of schedule. I don't have it down to a science yet but I think I'm doin' alright. I have been working on our Adults Only Halloween party coming up next week and our family pics also next week. Doing them both in the same weekend so our favorite photog Ashlee Raubach can do both while she is in town. I'm excited to put pics up all over my house of my updated family. Now that cute Lu is here. Who is by the way, my obsession. I love everything about my happy little fat baby. But more on her later...
I have 11 lbs to go to be back to my pre pregnancy weight. Every pregnancy I gain roughly 45-50 lbs which is a lot for a girl my size (5' 1") and every time it takes a bit more effort and a few extra weeks to get it off. I am assuming it gets harder with each one. But I have been working out and eating strictly (except in Vegas last weekend) so Im hoping to be back in all my clothes really soon.

Adyson - She is staying very busy with her Mini Startburst dance team. I don't know if I ever mentioned she was on a dance team but she is and she dances about 5 hours per week including her rehearsal for a Trio she is doing in the Spring. I love watching her and having her involved in something that keeps her responsible and active. She is also loving gymnastics and is about to start swim again now that its getting too chilly to be in our pool everyday. Ady loves chapstick and gum, they are obsessions she will use up an entire chapstick in 24 hours. applying and reapplying. And gum... well she will chew the whole pack in an hour. Makes me nuts. Ady also to my great sadness no longer wants bangs... She told me "mom next time I get a haircut can we cut my bangs all off, cuz I dont want them anymore" I told her she would have to grow them out and she agreed. So I guess thats what we are doing. Ady loves to catch bugs in the backyard with Max and keep them in the aquarium we have that they leave in the sun thus killing all their bug pets. But they keep insisting "today these bugs wont die" but they do.

Maxwell - Loves that he finally goes to school like Adyson. Love preschool. His teacher always tells me "he's so smart" them Max says "see mom I mart". Max is all into his trains and building his tracks all around his room and down the hall and everywhere he can. He is coming out of his naughty talk phase. He used to think all bathroom related words where the most hysterical thing ever. So glad that is ending. He is excited to be a pirate for Halloween and so excited for our upcoming Disneyland trip. He asks me "how many days til halloween and disneyland" every day. Max loves being read to and don't event think about skipping a page, he will call you on it if you miss and page or if the story doesn't add up, so don't bother trying to hurry through stories. You will get caught and you will have to go back and read the page and Max will tell you why he knew you missed one. Oh yeah and Max is officially outweighing Ady by 3 lbs now.

Lucy - love love love her. She's sweet, she's happy, she generally sleeps 10-12 hour stretches at night. And she is so funny. She yells and tries to talk, she has wide open mouth cheesy smiles. She loves her mom and dad and siblings. I feel like there is nothing to complain about with Lucy. She's the perfect 3rd child. I would even say she is so sweet and fun that the horrible memories from my pregnancy are fading fast. Im trying to remind myself of how hard it was to get her here so I don't rush into another pregnancy without giving myself a break. She takes a bottle just was well as she nurses so we have even been able to leave her with the sitter for a couple of dates. She my first child who likes a binky, which has been nice but Im not looking forward to taking that away in a few months. Oh and one more thing about my little rollie pollie peanut. She doesn't miss meals. She only really goes about 3 hour stretches during the day and it shows. Her cheeks and face are so round she really has no neck.

I lost my nice camera in Vegas this weekend so thats why I have no photos. Sad, sad.
But Ill get some photos of my kids up soon.

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