Thursday, December 17, 2009

Surprise 50th

This is my family. Well, minus my little brother Austin who had finals up at BYU Idaho this week and we unable to attend the surprise 50th birthday we threw for my dad. My dad turns 50 later this month. For the past couple of months my mom and I have been planning this surprise for my dad. You see, my dad, is a really humble guy. Doesn't like surprises that are for him, doesn't like attention. But we wanted to celebrate him anyway. We thought a nice way to do it would be a Viking Yurt dinner with 32 of the people closest to him.
He was told that he was having a small birthday dinner at my house with just our immediate family, only to be taken up to Park City to the base of the Canyons and surprised by all of his siblings, my moms siblings, his parents and a few close friends. Luckily, he had a good time and didn't want to kill us.
If you have known me awhile you have heard or seen my post about the Viking Yurt before. Its so much fun and such a unique dinner experience. At the bottom of the mountain you board a sleigh pulled by a snowcat, and are taken up the mountain to 6,000 ft. to a small Yurt where you are immediately warmed up and given glogg (yummy warm spiced cider drink)
Followed by a 3 or 6 course meal, we chose 3 due to come time constraints. It is really lovely.

Our arrival at the Yurt

After our soup and entree course we had a couple of my dad's siblings tells some memories and stories of him. My Aunt Stana played a lovely tribute to her little brother, then my Uncle Scott, made everyone laugh hysterically telling stories of their childhood and my dad's fear of calling girls and hate for cat hair. It was so funny.
Then both my grandmas spoke and got to tell him how great he is. (I dont know how much he loves that stuff)
But he endured all the attention then his birthday cake was brought out flaming and they put the Yurt Viking helmet on his for the Happy Birthday song.

(Dippidee did this great cake, with some things my dad loves on it, a law book, japanese flag, all his kids names etc. It was perfect (except my name was mispelled... and I placed the order..)

It was overall a wonderful night to celebrate my dad and let him know how much he means to all of us. And we of course appreciate him being a good sport about it.

(him and his siblings minus Shauna, who couldnt make it)

(my dad and his parents)

(my parents with Uncle Bryce and Grandma Hatch)

Then it was time to bundle up and get back in the sleigh for the ride back down the mountain. It was a chilly but very pretty clear night out which made the sleigh ride nice.
Thank you everyone who came and helped make this surprise successful and special.
Happy 50th Dad!

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