Saturday, December 12, 2009

Snow Day

I really could not be more behind on blogging, pregnancy sickness has left with with little desire to do anything but the bare essentials. But I do plan on getting caught up on Thanksgiving, Grandma Sue's visit, Ohio and other events.
But this morning my kids cute snow man is all thats making it to our little blog.
They had so much fun outside in the snow this morning. We will skip talking about the drama of getting bundled up. How dare I insist on gloves and water proof boots... worst mother ever. I clearly was just out to ruin their morning by making them wear layers.
But they made it outside to play. And loved it.

We used left over gingerbread house candies to decorate the snowman. And boy did he look good.
Eric was most excited to use his snowblower, he just bought it a month or so ago and has been waiting for it to dump snow. The other night we got home from somewhere at like 11 pm and there was about an inch of snow dusted on our driveway and it was still coming and he wanted to get out the snowblower.

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