Monday, March 5, 2007

Phoenix Trip and a New Little Cousin

A lot has been going on with us the last couple of weeks. This past weekend we were down in Phoenix. Eric has an annual guys golfing trip with his old BYU buddies, and this year it was in Phoenix. Ady and I were planning on staying home and going to see Grandma and Grandpa Smoot for the weekend. But then decided last minute, (like Wednesday) that we would just go down on Friday too and do some shopping and swimming. Eric had a great time with his buddies, golfing and eating and we didnt see him all weekend, we just did our own thing. We sure enjoyed the sunshine. When we got to the airport on Sunday evening we got a call from Eric’s sister Lisa whose pregnant also and her due date in actually only 5 days before mine. She was calling to tell us her water had broke and she was going to have the baby 4 weeks early. So as soon as we landed in SLC we went and saw her at Orem Community Hospital, we came just in time, she was fully dialated and she had the baby about a half hour after we got there. It was a great and easy delivery for her. She even let us stay in the room. Eric and Ady stayed out of the way but I stood next to her and took the first pictures of little Zachary Byron Lovell. It was so neat. So now we are getting even more anxious for our little boy to come. Only a few more weeks until his due date but we still have a lot of things to finish up around the house before he comes so we are grateful we still have a little more time. As of right now, we are thinking our little guys name is going to be Maxwell Shane Kandell, but of course we will just call him Max. When we ask Ady what babies name is she pats my tummy and saysy “mac mac mac” so we figure that is close enough. We cannot wait!!

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