Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Trip to Cabo San Lucas

We just got back from a fabulous trip to Mexico, we took a long weekend over Presidents Days to have one final hoorah before Ady’s little brother gets here. It was officially Ady’s last trip as an only child. It was so much fun too! We stayed at the beautiful Riu hotel in Cabo and enjoyed 4 days in the sun! Ady had tons of fun in the pool with mommy and daddy, she was like a little fish, she was in the water for hours everyday and didnt want to get out. Our hotel was also on the beach so she got plenty of beach and sand time too. She and Eric got so dirty in the sand digging holes and getting buried while I tried to only get my feet sandy. Most the trip we spent at the resort just relaxing and eating and enjoying each other. One night we did go into downtown Cabo to this amazing sushi restaurant we had heard had fantastic sushi, it was called Niksan. It really was very good, I didnt get to enjoy it quite as much as Eric did since I, being just about 8 monthes pregnant cannot eat anything raw (which is mostly all the good stuff) we also did some shopping while we were downtown. In fact we got talking to one of the Mexican street vendors down there and he was asking us about how many kids we wanted to have and Eric said “eight” and he immediately said “are you guys mormon”, we thought that was pretty funny. It was just a great time, we did not want to come home/ So check out the pictures from the trip that we just put in our gallery and you may notice that pretty much all of the pictures are of Adyson and Eric, not because I didnt get to play with them or swim or anything. I just chose not to post many of myself since I am so very very pregnany looking. Enjoy!!

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