Sunday, October 22, 2006

Gender Ultrasound This Week!

That is right, I am 16 almost 17 weeks this week and we are going to find out what we are having on Wednesday! We are so excited, we feel like once we can stop calling the baby “it”, the pregnancy seems to feel more real. Not that throwing up most mornings dosen’t feel real but we just like it better once we can start planning. Our appointment is at 9:30 am this Wednesday so expect a new website update before noon, we will write one up as soon as we get home.

In other Kandell family news, we just got home from a long weekend at our St. George house last weekend for UEA, we took my family, the Smoots, it was tons of fun, we swam and hiked and relaxed. It was nice to be able to go down there now that the house is all built and decorated, it was our first time down there just to hang out not work on it, or to bring down furniture. We look forward to many more winter weekends down there, escaping the snow.

Adyson is still as busy as always, always dancing and getting into stuff. Luckily I am starting to get enough energy back to keep up with her. And Eric is so busy at work, sometimes he coes home and falls asleep on the couch within 15 minutes of walking in the door. he has had to scramble to hire some new employees this week cuz things keep getting busier and busier. Good for him but bad for his sleep.

Well, we will write again on Wednesday hopefully with the news of our baby.

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