Monday, October 2, 2006

Finishing our first trimester with baby #2

We are just finishing up our first trimester with baby#2. I have been feeling a little better the last couple days, I am learning what foods to avoid just like I did with Ady’s pregnancy. We are also excited that in just a couple weeks we will be finding out the sex of our little baby. On Ocotber 26th, we have our gender ultrasound so be sure to keep checking the website for updates. Right now we kind of only like one boy name and it is Ethan Shane . But we have a couple girl names, we like Lily (mostly just eric does, i think I know too many Lily’s), we also Like Lila, Bella, Elle, and Abigail (but the pronblem with Abigail is we can’t have an ADy and an Aby, wel that is what i think, Eric disagrees) . So it may be easier for us to have a boy, we really would have not much to discuss. Feel free to email us baby name suggestions. We would love to hear ideas. Love you all!

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