Monday, September 25, 2006

Immune to Medication?

Pregnant Hailey here, 12 weeks along now and getting closer to my second trimester. A couple of weeks ago my doctor prescribed me some anti-nausea medication. For the frist few days it was great, made me really tired but was helping a ton with the nausea. I was so excited, i only threw up like 1 time in the first five days I was on it. Now is seems to be losing its power, I have been sick again the last 4 days. It’s like I build up an immunity to it. I am going to keep taking ti since it does still help a little but it may not be quite the miracle I was hoping for.

As far as everything else is going. life is great. Adyson will be 15 months old soon, and is getting more fun all the time. She is starting to learn animals noises from the books we read her, and she is becoming so independent. She is only taking one nap a day now. One day a few weeks ago she just up and decided she was too old for 2 naps and switched. I was a little bummed out since I am more tired being pregnant and enjoyed the 2 naps.

Eric is doing well also he is so busy at work that he had to hire my little brother Spencer to help him process files. Eric loves being busy though and so we are glad he is happy with that even though his work days have gotten a little bit longer. We are hoping to spend some time at the St. George house now that the weather here in Provo is getting colder by the week. It will be nice to have warm weekends down there where Eric can golf year round and Adyson and I can swim. We will post pictures as soon as we can find a free weekend to get down there.

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